A New Chapter for RK Harrison’s Rural Division


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Rural division of RK Harrison transfers to form A-Plan Rural
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A-Plan Insurance, a reputable insurance group founded in 1963 and now part of Howden, has welcomed the rural division of RK Harrison into its fold to create A-Plan Rural. With over 40 years of dedicated service to farming businesses, RK Harrison has been synonymous with quality, exceptional service, and competitive premiums in the agricultural and rural insurance sector.

As the trusted partner and broker for the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) for more than 16 years, RK Harrison has earned a reputation for reliability and expertise in the industry. A-Plan Insurance is excited to venture into the rural market and plans to leverage the knowledge and experience brought in by the RK Harrison team.

A-Plan Insurance has several specialist rural insurance centers focused on connecting local insurance experts with farmers, landowners, and country estates. The collaboration with RK Harrison allows clients access to these rural insurance hubs, enhancing their access to local specialist knowledge in addition to over 100 A-Plan branches spread across the UK.

Under the leadership of Esther Kane, Head of Rural, the combined team is dedicated to providing rural clients with more options in terms of products and access to advice. Clients will continue to interact with familiar faces, as the team remains unchanged despite the rebranding.

Esther emphasizes the importance of offering flexible interaction options for farmers and rural businesses, such as in-person, phone, and digital communication, acknowledging the time constraints faced by these clients.

Richard Easterbrook, Director of Commercial and Rural Insurance at A-Plan Group, reaffirms the commitment to growing a strong presence in rural communities. The merger of A-Plan and RK Harrison will lead to increased insurer volume and improved market influence in agriculture and private client lines.

Amid the challenges faced by towns and villages due to successive lockdowns, A-Plan’s decision to open centers and recruit locally is a positive boost for rural communities. A-Plan firmly believes in being an integral part of these communities and providing personalized, face-to-face advice to cater to their unique insurance needs.

As A-Plan Rural embarks on this new journey, they remain dedicated to supporting rural businesses and communities with the utmost care and understanding of their insurance requirements.

For more information, please visit www.aplan.co.uk/rural.

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