Time to Apply Late-Season Nitrogen as Deadline Nears


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Late Season Nitrogen Application as Deadline Approaches
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As we step into September, the approaching closed period for chemical nitrogen (N) calls for urgent action to apply the last batch of this year’s fertilizer.

Farmers can expect steady grass growth in the coming week due to favorable weather conditions. However, with the closed period imminent, it’s crucial to seize the opportunity and complete the fertilizer spreading.

Autumn grass

Managing your chemical N and phosphorus (P) strategy will significantly impact the availability of grass during the autumn season.

Remember, the deadline for spreading chemical N and P is approaching rapidly – midnight on September 14, less than two weeks away.

Take some time to walk your farm and assess the current grass availability. Identify paddocks that are likely to benefit from additional N application based on soil conditions and grass cover.

The amount of chemical N you should spread depends on factors such as stocking rate, average farm cover (AFC), grass growth rates, and the N spreading capacity.

As autumn sets in, soil temperatures will decrease, reducing the effectiveness of chemical N. Hence, applying the final round of N as early as possible is advisable.


For most farms, a rate of 20kg of N per hectare should suffice. However, you can reduce this rate in fields with abundant clover or in areas where you plan to spread dirty water or slurry.

Be cautious not to exceed permitted N levels for the year to avoid potential penalties.

Applying chemical N now will not only enhance growth for the remainder of 2021 but will also ensure an ample supply of grass for grazing in early spring 2022. Act promptly to make the most of the available time before the deadline approaches.

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