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Sep 30
How Data Analytics Can Help Identify Marginal Farmland

The power of data analytics in improving decision making about future land use is…

Sep 30
Tips on Controlling BYDV in a High-Pressure Autumn

Higher numbers of aphids combined with an earlier start to drilling and glyphosate…

Sep 28
Walk The Talk After Food Systems Summit Scientists Urge

Leaders from more than 85 countries will pledge their commitment to…

Sep 27
Vet Unfairly Dismissed by Department of Agriculture

A whistleblower vet who raised “serious” concerns about animals’…

Sep 27
UN Summit Calls For Climate-Friendly Food Systems

The United Nations has urged the world to urgently review its food production and…

Sep 27
Advice On Buying and Retrofitting Slurry Scrapers

Many farms still opt to install and replace automated slurry scraper systems despite a…

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