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BASF Remains Confident Sentris Buffering Technology
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Learn about the safety and efficacy of Sentris Buffering Technology as a pH buffering adjuvant in tank mixes containing dicamba and glyphosate for over-the-top applications on dicamba-tolerant soybean and cotton. The University of Arkansas Extension shares their insights, and we provide additional information to consider when using Sentris Buffering Technology.

University of Arkansas Extension: Testing Sentris Buffering Technology

The University of Arkansas Extension conducted tests involving Sentris Buffering Technology, Engenia herbicide, and glyphosate in 3L bottles. While the mixing, immediate capping, and agitation in this controlled setting may not fully replicate real-world scenarios, the results demonstrated the effectiveness of Sentris Buffering Technology as a pH buffering adjuvant. It successfully reduced the acidity caused by glyphosate addition, releasing CO2 similar to the reaction of baking soda with vinegar.

Sentris Buffering Technology in Field Trials and Applicator Experience

Sentris Buffering Technology has undergone successful trials conducted by BASF and has been used by applicators in the field during the 2021 season. When added to Engenia herbicide spray mixtures, Sentris Buffering Technology plays a crucial role in minimizing off-target movement by addressing pH and spray solution hygiene.

Additional Considerations for Safe Use

To ensure safe and effective use of Sentris Buffering Technology, consider the following:

CO2 Release and Venting in Modern Commercial Sprayers

Modern commercial sprayers are vented, allowing the escape of carbon dioxide and preventing pressure buildup. The CO2 release resulting from Sentris Buffering Technology’s neutralization process is managed effectively, eliminating any potential risks associated with pressure buildup during application.

Best Practices for Using an Inductor Tank

For those employing an inductor tank, it is essential to adhere to best practices. Adding one product at a time and flushing the inductor with water between each addition is a critical step to maintain compatibility and safety.

Proper Mixing and Loading Protocols

Industry practice dictates that products should never be mixed directly together. Always use water during compatibility testing and mixing/loading to avoid any adverse reactions between ingredients.

Compatibility with Glyphosate

Sentris Buffering Technology has been successfully used on more than 1 million acres this year, and no compatibility issues have been observed when the proper mixing order is followed. In situations where foaming is a concern, use an approved commercial antifoaming agent.


Sentris Buffering Technology provides a safe and effective solution as a pH buffering adjuvant in tank mixes with dicamba and glyphosate for over-the-top applications. The University of Arkansas Extension’s testing and positive experiences from field trials and applicators demonstrate the value and reliability of this innovative technology in enhancing agricultural practices while ensuring environmental safety.

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