Kverneland to Showcase New Machines at Tillage Live


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Kverneland to Showcase New Machines at Tillage Live
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Kverneland will be showing several new machines at next month’s Tillage Live event in Down Ampney, Gloucestershire.

The line-up will include a new generation five-furrow 2300S reversible plough; a 6m u-drill complete with minimum disturbance MD disc; a new range of front presses; a six-row Kultistrip for strip tillage; CTC trailed cultivator; plus trailed and mounted models of Kverneland sprayer.

The 2300S is a new addition to the plough range, replacing the popular EG200.

In three, four and five-furrow builds, the 2300S can be specified with 85cm or 100cm point-to-point clearance.

Underbeam clearance is increased from 70cm to 80cm, compared to its predecessor.

Kv 2300S 5f

Receiving features found on much larger ploughs, the 2300S can be equipped with the optional trailer-transport headstock, allowing the plough to be towed – but following the tractor like any other trailed implement.

A heavier range of front press (FP) options will also be introduced by Kverneland and will be shown in combination with an e-drill.

Reducing Rolling Resistance

These latest FP models benefit from a 90cm diameter press ring – up from 70cm. The larger diameter contributes to a weight increase of around 50%, while reducing rolling resistance.

Working widths are 3m, 4m, 4.5m and 6m, with models 4m and wider using hydraulic folding.

Kv 2300S 5f - 0236

All include passive steering and damping, and depending on ring profile, can be used with leading tines.

The MD disc is the latest design of cultivation disc for the u-drill, aimed at those looking to minimise soil disturbance.

MD disc is an alternative to the u-drill’s short disc harrow element and is intended to work as part of a conservation tillage system; to work within cover crop systems; or within a conventional crop establishment process.

Using a 430mm diameter straight disc with a fluted profile around its circumference to assist with removing surface trash, the disc profile reduces the risk of hair-pinning.

Kv MD Disc

Disc flutes lightly prepare soil in a narrow 30-50mm strip, with each disc aligned with the seeding zone of the u-drill’s CD coulters, sowing seeds into the soil strip at a row spacing of 16.7cm.

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