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Driving Tests For Cars Towing Trailers to be Scrapped
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In a bid to address the reported post-Covid backlog in driving tests, the UK government has made a significant decision. Starting this autumn, individuals with a full driving license will be automatically allowed to tow a trailer with a car, without the need for an additional test. However, this change will only apply if the trailer’s Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) does not exceed 3,500kg.

The exact date of the law’s implementation is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to come into effect during the autumn season. The government hopes that this move will ease the burden on learner drivers who have faced delays in obtaining their licenses, especially due to the numerous driving test cancellations caused by the pandemic.

While the announcement has been generally welcomed, concerns have been raised about safety on rural roads. There is apprehension that inexperienced drivers towing trailers could pose a risk. In response, NFU Scotland has encouraged farmers to consider voluntary towing training for anyone involved in towing activities.

Committee chair Tom French emphasized the importance of ensuring proper training for safe towing practices. By undertaking voluntary training through established providers, businesses can minimize the risk of accidents and stay compliant with health and safety legislation.

Overall, the new measure is aimed at providing greater flexibility for drivers and streamlining the licensing process. However, it is essential for individuals towing trailers to exercise caution and undergo suitable training to ensure road safety, particularly on rural routes.

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