CLAAS Unveils Two Cutting-Edge Tractor Lines to Empower North American Farmers


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CLAAS Unveils Two Cutting-Edge Tractor Lines to Empower North American Farmers
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In an exciting development for the agricultural community, CLAAS has introduced its latest tractor lines: the XERION 12.650 and 12.590, the ARION 660, 650, and 630, as well as row-crop friendly options on the AXION 960 TT and 930 TT. These new machines are the result of collaboration with North American farmers, ensuring that they deliver enhanced productivity, efficiency, and comfort, as stated in CLAAS’s press release.

Frans Reijmers, CLAAS North America Product Manager – Tractors, expressed enthusiasm about these innovative tractors, highlighting their incorporation of valuable customer feedback. He confidently believes that the new tractors will become the preferred choice for farmers seeking to elevate their productivity.

The newly unveiled models, the XERION 12 Series and the ARION 600 Series, stand out with increased capacity and comfort, promising significant improvements in their respective product ranges.

Let’s delve into the specifics of the new CLAAS lineup:

XERION 12 Series

Class Xerion 12 Series

Drawing inspiration from the original 5000/4000 models, the XERION 12 Series takes everything to a grander scale. With engine options ranging from 653 to 585 horsepower and a hydraulic flow rate of 140 gallons per minute, these tractors are more powerful and efficient. The series is equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a robust axle system, specially designed to handle higher horsepower and heavier loads.

Farmers can choose between 36- or 30-inch TERRA TRAC units on all four corners, providing reduced ground pressure, minimal compaction, lower vibration, and improved traction. Alternatively, 800/70 R42 duals with a footprint of up to 42 inches are available for those who prefer wheels. Moreover, the new XERION 12 Series boasts a spacious cab with 20% more legroom compared to its predecessors, ensuring enhanced operator comfort during long hours in the field.

ARION 600 Series

Class Arion 600 Series

For farmers seeking versatile machinery capable of handling a wide array of tasks, the ARION 600 Series presents an ideal solution. With horsepower options ranging from 165 to 205 and a continuously variable CMATIC transmission, this series offers excellent fuel economy.

The ARION 600 Series showcases a maximum transport speed of 31 mph and a lift capacity of 17,600 pounds. When paired with the CLAAS FL150 hydraulic self-leveling loader, these tractors can lift an impressive 7,546 pounds of material up to 15 feet high. Additionally, the series features a four-point suspension, a front PTO, and a three-point hitch, further enhancing its versatility.

AXION 900 TT Series

Class Axion 900 Series

Building upon the success of the AXION 900 TT lineup released the previous year, CLAAS now introduces the AXION 900 TT – TERRA TRAC option, available on 18-inch belts with 88- and 120-inch centers. This addition complements the existing track widths of 25, 29, and 35 inches. The AXION 960TT and 930TT models, equipped with a four-mode, continuously variable CMATIC transmission, offer horsepower options of 445 and 355, respectively.

Eric Raby, Senior Vice President – Americas, for CLAAS, expressed excitement about these latest technologies, emphasizing their focus on strength and efficiency. The introduction of the new XERION and ARION tractor lines, along with the row-crop technology for the AXION line, is expected to revolutionize productivity for farmers throughout North America.

For additional information on these cutting-edge additions to the CLAAS tractor family, visit the company’s official website.

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